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Is all what you intend to do posting hundreds of really important links that everybody should visit?

Do you need protection by an admin or a moderator when your post is challenged?

Do you only post on forums where 99% of the people are sharing the same point of view?

Is it a problem for you when people are posting in a really bad English, and is this hurting your sense of proper language because you are posting in no lesser than in Shakespeare-style?

Do you just love discussions about whom should get banned from the forums because he is such an incredible ass that he dared to prove your post to be 100% wrong or because he simply begs to differ?

Is your main point that all Conservatives, Liberals, Capitalists, Communists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, Africans or whomever else suck and always sucked and that it's everyone's duty to hate them?

Can you fill pages with stuff about how perfect you are, how you are better than anybody else on the forums and how you are the only one who was fed with the one and only truth since he was born?

Is trolling much better known to you than debating?

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   political cartoon
   Posted By : tude dog  (Feb 19 2019 5:06:25 PM)
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   tweet
   Posted By : tude dog  (Feb 18 2019 1:49:30 PM)
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Troll alert: caicai2017
   Posted By : caicai2017  (Nov 14 2018 12:48:40 AM)
Welcome post of suspected troll:

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Troll alert: GERHARD GUNTER
   Posted By : GERHARD GUNTER  (Oct 12 2018 3:01:53 PM)
Welcome post of suspected troll:

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SfD Troll Detector Alert: Member was classified as a troll!
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Is 4% Black Enough?
   Posted By : tude dog  (Sep 30 2018 3:41:44 PM)
This is great, really.

When Ralph Taylor was born in Sacramento in 1963, his birth certificate indicated that he and his parents were Caucasian. But, like many white Americans, he grew up hearing vague family lore about long-distant Native American ancestry.

Ive always known that Im multiracial, Taylor, 55, told The Washington Post.

In 2010, Taylor took an AncestryByDNA test, he said, just to confirm what wed already known. The results said that he was 90 percent European and 6 percent indigenous American, as well as 4 percent sub-Saharan African.

Im a certified black man, he told The Post. Im certified black in all 50 states. But the federal government doesnt recognize me.

After he was rejected from a program for minority business owners that would have given him an advantage when competing for lucrative government contracts, Taylor sued. His case, which raises complicated questions about how race is defined, is pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

Of course, his appeal won't work as race benefits is a political shell game[ 
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