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Welcome to


StudentsforDemocracy (SfD) is intended to be a platform for people from all over the world to talk about what they want the world to look like and what needs to be done for that. It doesn't matter where you are from or what you believe in. Contribute and you will be welcome. The more colorful the better!

StudentsforDemocracy provides an international discussion board with debates, chats and challenges; politics and economy as well as social, environmental and historical issues being the main topics. English being the main language should not keep anyone from posting in any other language.

You are welcome whatever you have to say and in whatever language that might be. As long as you are following the very few rules on SfD you will be a most welcome member of StudentsforDemocracy.

This non-profit site is completely independent and not affiliated to any other sites, political parties or organisations of any kind. Therefore your posts will never get censored because of the content and its ideological direction. Uncensored diversity is what you will encounter throughout the forums.

And now - post away ;-)

Latest posts on StudentsforDemocracy:

StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Nike Air Edge 270 Draft Lottery is availa
   Posted By : blair2019  (May 19 2019 5:46:32 AM)
Nike has always been a source of inspiration for hot events, and a new pair of Air Edge 270 shoe design elements has been drawn from the hot-selling NBA lottery draw. The Nike Air Edge 270 Draft Lottery is based on the legendary star Charles Barkley Boots CB 94, with an adjustable lace system and a comfortable lining. This color scheme is dominated by black and white, the heel cushion is blue, and the side of the shoe is black. The rear pattern shows an open envelope and the number 1 to 3 cards it has. The inner insole is printed with a lottery ball pattern.

2019 Mens Jordans,A-COLD-WALL* x Nike Air Force 1 After the launch of the series, there was no related action update. After waiting for more than a month, this week's attendant Samuel Ross finally ushered in a new look. In the recent release of the film, we can find the overall splicing structure of the leather and suede, and save the traditional lace hole, fix the feet with the cross lacing system, and use the punching to present Swoosh; It is also decorated with A-COLD-WALL* signature logo on the sides, tongue and insole.

Immediately after the earlier "LUNDMARK" beige color matching, the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 soon had a new color exposure. According to reliable source YEEZY MAFIA, the new color is called YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 SYNTH, and the whole shoe is equipped with pale pink. The color tone, at first glance, has a similarity to the previous "Clay" color scheme. This piece is also woven with Primeknit to create the upper, and the iconic translucent material strip on the side of the shoe is also missing.
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Hmm,WHEN DOES LIFE BEGIN?
   Posted By : tude dog  (May 16 2019 1:47:44 PM)
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   a salt rifle
   Posted By : tude dog  (May 3 2019 5:08:01 PM)
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   STUDENT LOAN
   Posted By : tude dog  (Apr 30 2019 12:37:14 PM)

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   2019 Air Jordan 12 GS to Release in July
   Posted By : blair2019  (Apr 29 2019 6:42:01 AM)
2019 Mens Jordans with more and more young ladies who are in contact with the sneaker culture, Jordan Brand naturally plans to introduce more GS and WMNS sneakers for the convenience of the ladies and sisters. Just earlier today, a new color-matched Air Jordan 12 released the official release date, which looks like Valentine's Day color. The body is made of large-scale wolf-gray, high-grade lychee material; even the iconic shoes The buckles are also embellished with wolf-gray, giving the texture a touch. At the same time, the Air Jordan 12's representative side of the shoe is also replaced with a pink embellishment that the young ladies and sisters like, and it has a strong fresh breath with the wolf-gray body. In the splicing of the shoe body and the side, the black car line is also used for sketching, and the personality is unique.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,A-COLD-WALL* continued its collaboration with Nike and relaunched the new color scheme of Zoom Vomero +5 “Redox”. The shoes are based on Nike's Nike Zoom Vomero +5, which was launched in 2010. The overall style pays tribute to the classic shoes, without much modification. Adding the iconic ACW Logo to the toe, the heel is the same as the first two, boldly adding a square module design, adding a strong sense of technology to the shoe. In terms of color, the bold choice of metal red, a simple color scheme before the black and white style, is more suitable for the current season.

2019 Sneakers Release can cause a strong market reaction. Earlier, Kanye West personally got a new Yeezy Boost 700 V2, which made the pair of pure black colores attract attention. Recently, these shoes have confirmed the release date. The whole area is made of carbon black and coal ash, and the midsole is decorated with white oval coating. In terms of materials, the iconic suede and mesh materials are still used for splicing. The 3M reflective material is also used in the upper and the midsole to make it look handsome and eye-catching. All black shoes, with high-end materials, low-key and at the same time showing a tough temperament, the application of reflective materials makes this pair of shoes more eye-catching, plus the grandfather personally on the buff, these shoes are hard to find .
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