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Do you have nothing to say but to agree with all those posts that are fitting into your personal point of view?

Is all what you intend to do posting hundreds of really important links that everybody should visit?

Do you need protection by an admin or a moderator when your post is challenged?

Do you only post on forums where 99% of the people are sharing the same point of view?

Is it a problem for you when people are posting in a really bad English, and is this hurting your sense of proper language because you are posting in no lesser than in Shakespeare-style?

Do you just love discussions about whom should get banned from the forums because he is such an incredible ass that he dared to prove your post to be 100% wrong or because he simply begs to differ?

Is your main point that all Conservatives, Liberals, Capitalists, Communists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, Africans or whomever else suck and always sucked and that it's everyone's duty to hate them?

Can you fill pages with stuff about how perfect you are, how you are better than anybody else on the forums and how you are the only one who was fed with the one and only truth since he was born?

Is trolling much better known to you than debating?

Well, then you have found the site where you are not welcome at all. Go away and post whatever you want wherever you want, but not here! All others are very welcome to participate in the most intelligent, respectful and friendly but nonetheless challenging debates on the internet!

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue To Relea
   Posted By : blair2019  (Oct 11 2019 5:47:22 AM)
The new color scheme "Teal Blue" of Yeezy Boost 700, which we reported before, will be officially released on October 19th. The whole pair of shoes maintains the consistent Yeezy Boost 700 design, the upper still maintains a familiar layering, and the new color is in different shades of cyan. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Teal Blue Compared with the gray composition, it is more low-key. The midsole is equipped with Boost cushioning technology. The foot feel can be imagined. The raw rubber outsole shows a full retro temperament. The overall feeling is consistent with the grand design aesthetic of the grandfather, and it is about to become another eye-catching tool for this fall and winter.

2019 Sneakers Release has gradually joined forces with more and more niche brands. Recently, a new FPAR x Nike SB Dunk High has been exposed on the Internet. The FPAR is called FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS and is a Japanese street brand founded by WTAPS principal Xishan. For the first time, the two sides jointly brought a pair of very unique sneakers. The design specifications of the whole pair of shoes are very high, and the design concept is unprecedented. As can be seen from the physical map of the exposure, the shoes are completely changed based on the Nike SB Dunk High. The FPAR x Nike SB Dunk High is based on pure black and the upper is made of leather. The tongue is exactly the same as the Air Jordan 6, except that the logo is changed to NIKE SB and FPAR to show the joint status. The Swoosh on the side of the shoe is made of the Air Jordan 5's signature shoe mesh, while the shoe box is made of translucent plastic.

This month, Levi's and Nike have once again joined hands to create a special Nike by Levi's Air Max 90 joint shoe and Nike by Levi's limited jacket, which is scheduled to be released in the near future. Continuing the previous style, the black, dark blue, light blue 3 color denim stitching, the color tone from the inside out layer by layer. The collar and upper are made of imitation lambskin, and the texture is fluffy. It is presumably worn and warm. Levi's signature red label on the side of the shoe, and a joint logo on both sides of the insole, the details are also very elegant. In addition to the joint shoes, the two sides will also create a Nike by Levi's jacket top, using the representative Levi's Type III denim jacket, infused with three different washed 501 Shrink-To-Fit tannins and corduroy, imitation lambskin Material combination. The texture of the various layers of the layering, the upper body effect is quite outstanding.
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   2019 Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 To Relea
   Posted By : blair2019  (Oct 6 2019 5:48:05 AM)
Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 has already landed on some overseas retail store websites, and the official release date is scheduled for October 12th, which is next Saturday. There is no need to introduce more about the shoes themselves. The strong olive green military style and many exquisite and unique details make these shoes a masterpiece in terms of visual and functional! Returning to the topic of sale, this time the sale includes adult models, GS big virgins, PS children's models, and TD baby models. The size of the whole family is readily available. It is already difficult to get started with the original one. If you want to complete the family size, it is even more difficult!

Jordans 2019 Shoes are still unable to escape the fate of Travis Scott, TS x AJ6 will be released this month, TS x AF1 Low will surface again, rumors will be officially released next month. This pair of Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 Low is still a discerning visual system player, with a multi-tone, multi-texture combination that brings a rich layering effect. The tongue has a special zipper and a detachable design that allows you to choose to attach or remove it according to your preference. The heel retains the button elements used on the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, which, while not useful, adds more to the point of view.

2019 Yeezy Boost,After welcoming the three-party joint name of Human Made x Pharrell x adidas Originals, adidas' joint road will also usher in a unique new product. The first wave of OAMC x adidas Originals shoes sold out quickly after being sold on the official website, but the unique high-cold fashion temperament is still popular. The two sides continued to bring the second wave of joint names, and the new product continued its previous name, called Type O-2. The front and rear split soles of the Supercourt RX shoe are used, and the body is a familiar Stan Smith look. Still a solid color running leather body, it has a primitive feel of art. The Type O-2L is divided into a leather upper and the Type O-2R is a rubber upper. There is also a cooperative version of the sock.
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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   555088-060 Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Sat
   Posted By : tude dog  (Oct 1 2019 4:31:53 PM)
After the black and blue 

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   555088-060 Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Sat
   Posted By : blair2019  (Oct 1 2019 5:41:59 AM)
2019 Sneakers Release brought a news of the new black and red Air Jordan 1 released at the beginning of next year. Many players said that they were ordinary. Today, the latest physical map appeared on the network, I did not expect the shoe body to be made of silk material! Air Jordan 1 High OG Black Satin is black in color, and the laces and upper wings are decorated with red accents, plus a white midsole. The overall style is quite classic. The body of the shoe is made of silk, and the heel, toe and Swoosh are made of leather, which makes the black upper look more layered. The metal reflective effect in the previous renderings should be reflected in the silk material.

Harden's latest generation of boots Harden Vol.4 just released, 2019 Yeezy Boost believe many players want to be early adopters. Especially the first adidas Harden Vol.4 Pink, people can't hold it when they look at it. The black color is matched with the red, white, blue and black gold colors, and the personalized service is also available for a limited time. Harden emoticons can be printed under the upper. Currently, there are four patterns of Harden's side face, face, MVP and Harden's personal logo. Different patterns can be printed on the left and right feet.

Cheap Jordans 2020,After the black and blue Air Jordan 12 is put on the shelves, there will be a "reverse gold buckle" and a female "neon gradation" at the end of the year. Recently, a new white and gray product has emerged in the network. In just two months, it will be on sale! The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey is made of diffuse white leather with a signature asymmetrical edge complemented by dark grey, extending to the outsole for a cool, visually pleasing look! The details are complemented by bright silver and red accents, adding layers!

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StudentsforDemocracy Topic:   EG5651 adidas NMD R1 Red Blue White is Av
   Posted By : tude dog  (Sep 25 2019 10:21:39 AM)
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